Safety first

Or from now on, use LineGuard to protect your ropes from cuts and abrasion on sharp surfaces

Safe working environment – when working at high altitude, great attention must be paid where the rope and the carabiner rub against surfaces of structures. The main task is to protect them from friction with the rope while ensuring the safety of the climber.

That’s why we created LineGuard – a new generation of rope and carabiner protectors that guards not only the rope from tearing, but also the surface from friction with the rope.

Versatile use – LineGuard is made of Teflon membrane (PTFE). This material is slippery, durable, non- abrasive and hard to break. Made from such a durable material, the tread can be used not only for sports or industrial mountaineering, but also for cargo anchorage and transportation situations.

Convenient flexibility – unlike other protectors, LineGuard is not limited to one size. The holes at the sides and ends of the protector allow it to extend, thicken and widen without limit. Also, unlike other safety features, LineGuard allows you to continuously see the condition of the rope, the carabiner and the rope knot while climbing.

From one handyman – to the hands of all handymen

LineGuard was created by Artūras – a construction worker and industrial climber of 20 years. During this long-term experience, he found that even the simplest solutions can bring great improvement to the everyday work, reduce time wasted and ensure safety. Now Artūras decided to share his experiences with others and the best place to start is with safety.

Where can I use LineGuard?

Sport mountaineering – when climbing mountains, ropes are rubbing against unexpected, sharp corners of the rocks, which puts them at great risk of cutting and breaking the rope. LineGuard’s slippery Teflon material will protect the rope from sharp angles while allowing continuous monitoring of the rope and carbine.

Securing and transporting cargo – when transporting furniture or other cargo, there is a risk that it will be damaged, especially in a moving vehicle. The use of cargo securing straps in conjunction with LineGuard provides a perfect way to secure and transport any expensive cargo, protecting its surface from scratching and indents from securing straps. LineGuard attaches with Velcro straps that fit snugly onto the straps and can also hold a soft foam padding for even greater protection.

Industrial mountaineering – when working on a construction site and climbing high, it is imperative to pay attention to the surfaces that can be damaged and the rope use for high climbing. LineGuard performs this function perfectly. Made from a solid Teflon membrane (PTFE), this protector is slippery enough to keep even highly sensitive surfaces from scratching, but is also designed to fit snugly on the rope and not interfere with work.

Take a bold step towards security

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