Tidy workspace

Or everything that doesn’t fit in your pockets now fits in Kitbags

Forget the mess

Easily accessible work tools that do not drip, contaminate the workspace or dry out? All of this is now possible with Kitbags!

This simple solution creates ideal conditions for your work tools that from now on will always be right next to you.
Forget the mess with Kitbags.

Enjoy the comfort

Retain your freedom of movement around the work area with Kitbags. Your tools are not cluttering your hands and do not interfere with your work anymore.

A noose made of strong fabric with Velcro clasp is easy to attach to the belt in a matter of seconds. No belt? Just use an iron hook and attach it to any type of railing on the wall or other convenient location!

German quality

Trust our quality – Kitbags is registered as a Useful Model in German Patent and Trademark Bureau in Munich.
It’s design has also been successfully registered in EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Feel confident about high quality standards we impose for this pouch and our own testing of the strong materials Kitbags is made of.

From one handyman – to the hands of all handymen

Kitbags was created by Artūras – a construction worker and industrial climber of 18 years.
During this long-term experience, he found that even the simplest solutions can bring great improvement to the everyday work, reduce time wasted and increase productivity.
Now Artūras decided to share his experiences with others and the best start is a tidy workspace with Kitbags.

What fits into your Kitbags?

Work tools – don’t leave your silicon gun or other important tools away from where you can reach them.

Due to the tapered bottom of the pouch, the gun is held firmly in place. This way, the gun doesn’t move and therefore doesn’t interfere with work and movement even in the most difficult construction conditions.

You may also carry with you long wrenches, pliers, crowbars, you name it!

Plans and documents – PVC materials used to make Kitbags protect all important paper plans and documents from interacting with water, dust and other particles that can damage the delicate paper.

Drinks & snacks – even the best need to take a rest. With Kitbags, always have a bottle of water, a thermos and snacks available at the reach of the hand. That way, your
work will go much smoother.

Take a sturdy leap towards comfort with Kitbags

We believe in the high quality of our products and hope that you will also find them useful.
So you would feel even more confident in us, we give all our products a 1-year warranty, as well as 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked!