About Art & Real Trust

More than just good products. An Art you Really can Trust

We are Art and Real Trust

– a creative family, searching for and finding simple, creative solutions to ensure organization and security of everyday work & life. Each time we create and test something new for home, work, leisure or other occasions – we always want to share our inventions with the wide world. That is why we created ART & and real trust.

Creativity, simplicity and trust – these are our core principles that we base the creation of all our products on Art and Real Trust. – we are Loreta and Artūras. Partners in creativity and in life. We’re open for all novelties and are eager to share our experience.


During his 18 years of experience in construction and industrial climbing, Artūras has invented more than one way to improve his workflow and household chores. All inventions that Artūras constructs, he also tests himself in the most difficult everyday conditions. That’s how he ensures that each invention will be useful, won’t cause additional issues and will fully realize its function.


Loreta is an integral part of the creative process, a partner not just in business but also in life. Loreta’s inventions ease the process of household chores and become an integral part of leisure activities. Lawyer by education and a businesswoman by experience, Loreta ensures patent and design registrations of all inventions. Additionally, her infectious communicability helps immensely with clients and partners.

Together, we are unstoppable. All our commodities are new on the market. They’re simple and tested personally by us and only the most reliable and useful models reach you – our dearest clients.

ART & real trust – more than just good products.
An Art you Really can Trust