XLGuard- Revolutionary Rope Protector

A whole new level of flexible rope protection.

XLGuard the Rope protector

In what scenario is the rope used most often? Amateur and professional mountain climbing. Industrial climbing. Human rescue situations.

All these scenarios have one thing in common: the life of the rope user is often in danger due to the friction against sharp edges of objects and surfaces. If the rope protection from these situations is inadequate, the rope can tear and the person climbing it could be hurt or die.

One of the ways to protect the rope from accidents like these is to use a strong and reliable protector, which secures the rope and keeps it away from sharp edges or accidental cuts.

This is precisely what XLGuard is – a reliable, new generation protector with a unique design. The reliability and strength of this protector was personally tested by us – XLGuard inventors – in the most extreme situations of industrial climbing. We can safely confirm that the functionality of XLGuard exceeds all expectations.

By choosing XLGuard, you will be able to offer your clients not only an innovative product, but to also ensure their safety.

Rope protector with unique design

The idea of XLGuard was born after 18 years of work in industrial climbing sector.
A safe rope is of highest priority while hanging from the high-rise building and none of the current protector solutions were satisfying.

The uniqueness of XLGuard comes from its two-layered material, sandwiching metal wires or cables.
These metal wires or cables are secured with no more than 5mm spaces between them. This is the only way the protector will secure the rope from vertical or horizontal cuts. This construction also prevents the rope from getting between the inner wires, also keeping it away from outside cuts.

Another thing that makes XLGuard unique is its length.
At either end of the protector there are Velcro strips, which allow any number of protectors to be attached together, depending on required length. Currently, XLGuard is the only protector on the market that is capable of extension. XLGuard also remains very flexible despite the metal wire and does not impede user’s movement.

XLGuard is registered as Useful Model in German Patent and Trademark Bureau in Munich.
This proves that this protector has been recognized as adhering to the high German standards of quality. XLGuard design has also been registered in EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Organization – and has IP protection all over Europe.

XLGuard has been tested in various situations. While simulating working conditions of cutting, scraping or clipping, the rope remains intact due to the metal wire inside of the material. XLGuard protector can be made from various materials that can withstand high friction without cutting the rope.

Variety of rope protector uses

Mountain climbing – XLGuard protects the rope from friction with sharp rock. The possibility to extend XLGuard protector will help adapt to any unforeseen amateur or professional climbing conditions.

Industrial climbing – XLGuard will protect the rope from sharp corners of metal, glass, wire and other types of materials. Due to its unique design, the climber will not sacrifice mobility when using XLGuard protector.

Heavy industry – XLGuard can be used with more than just a rope. It’s useful for protecting electric cables, cargo security belts, lifting belts and other objects that experience friction with sharp objects.

Human rescue – XLGuard can be used for rope protection even in the most extreme and unpredictable situations. In times when human lives are in danger, XLGuard can help save even more lives by reducing the risk of potential accidents.

XLGuard tests & comparison:

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